Archivio Adriana Botti Monti

Adriana Botti Monti was born in Milan in 1937. With A-level centred on humanistic subjects and a degree from the School of Interpretation, she attended Law School. She partnered several women’s magazines, first as a translator and later as a fashion journalist.
In 1960 she became Advertising Consultant at la Rinascente, with special focus on A.P.E.M. production, creating the advertising brochure for the collection’s launch. In 1962 she was promoted to the position of Art Director of the Office, supervising the company’s promotional schedules, press releases and posters. In 1967 she was appointed to an executive position. She coordinated an exceptional team that included, among others, Salvatore Gregorietti, Giancarlo Iliprandi, Serge Libis, Aldo Ballo, Oliviero Toscani, Carlo Orsi and Guido Vergani. At la Rinascente she created the Fashion Style Office, whose employees also included young Giorgio Armani, who was first a window dresser and then shifted to fabrics and male fashion.
In 1971 she left la Rinascente when the company was taken over by new owners. She worked a few months for “Vogue Italia”, then spent five years at Longanesi and, finally, from 1979 to 1997 was employed by “Casa Vogue”.

The selection published on the Web portal includes two printed books, Incontri in Europa. La collezione Apem autunno inverno 1961-1962 ripresa dai grandi fotografi internazionali edited by Adriana Botti, and Primo annual art directors club Milano.

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