Civico Archivio Fotografico di Milano

The Photographic Civic Archive of Milan was set up by the City Council in 1933 and began with material donated by the architect Luca Beltrami. This is one of the most important archives in Italy dedicated to preserving and promoting the photographic heritage. It holds 850,000 original photographs from 1840 to the present, precious testimony of the history and techniques of photography and the artistic heritage of Milan, Italy and Europe. Proof of social and political events, local and national, and of the exploration of the far and not-so-far East.

The selection of files available online, relating to the years 1889-1957, includes 23 photographs.

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Milano, piazza del Duomo con i Magazzini Bocconi
[1865 - 1887]

Negativo su lastra di vetro alla gelatina sali d’argento

Milano, via Santa Radegonda al numero civico 10

Stampa alla gelatina sali d’argento