The Golden Years

Rinascente and the
design award

For la Rinascente the Fifties were the time for a number of important initiatives that would consolidate relationships with the graphic arts, architecture and, primarily, design, which at that time had begun to take on cultural, professional and disciplinary coherence.

In 1950 Swiss graphic artist Max Huber had already created the new and iconic logo, a monogram formed by the first lower case letter of the article “la” followed by a capital R. Also in 1950, an Italian graphic artist, Albe Steiner, became the art director responsible for external and internal décor and also for advertisement graphics until 1955. They were the key contacts in the advertising and communication office, which in 1955 (under the direction of Gianni Bordoli and Amneris Latis, the first art director assisted by Lora Lamm as head of graphics) was called Rinascente Advertising Office, and in the years to come it surrounded itself with a mythical aura thanks to collaborations with the top professionals on the Milan scene and elsewhere.

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