Touring Club Italiano

The archives of the ‘Touring Club Italiano’ preserve the records of internal and acquired material starting from 1894, the year it was founded and comprises: the library, which includes the publications of the Association (varying editions and re-prints of periodicals, guide books, books, maps, atlases); the collection of maps with over 10,000 maps of cities in Italy and overseas, topographic and thematic maps, harbour charts, aeronautical charts and atlases of all the countries in the world; the historical archive that holds the paper documentation of the day to day running of TCI including a collection of drawings and the original drafts of the periodicals; the photographic archive with over 400,000 prints of black and white photos of the Italian landscape and many scenes from other countries as well as numerous subjects (tourism, transport, road network, hospitality services, culture, fashion, traditions, folklore, work environment) from the end of the 19th century to the 1970s. An integral part of the TCI archives are special collections such as the Silvio Saglio collection of about 5,000 photos and negatives of mountain scenes and the photographs of the Istituto Arti Grafiche, Bergamo featuring the artistic heritage of Italy that stem from a decade of photography campaigns that took place at the beginning of the 1900s for the periodicals L’Italia artistica” and “Emporium”.

The selection of files available online relating to the period 1905–1956 includes 11 images.

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