Archivio Max e Aoi Huber

Max Huber (1919-1992) is one of the most important graphic designers of the 1900s.
Born at Baar in the canton of Zug, Switzerland, his style embraces the teachings of such great masters of the International Style as Max Bill and László Moholy-Nagy. He combined their principles with the numerous cultural stimuli coming out of Milan, a city he went to for the first time in 1940 to join Antonio Boggeri’s prestigious graphic design studio, where he met Bruno Munari, Luigi Veronesi and Albe Steiner.
He returned to Milan at the end of the war and was one of the first to apply the aesthetics of the avant-garde art movement to commercial communications.
Some of his works are still part of the collective memory of generations of Italians; they include the Rinascente logo, which influenced the general public’s perception of the department store. In 1954, he won the Italian Compasso d’Oro design award for a “plastic fabric”.

In 1999, the creation of the Archivio Max Huber was prompted by Aoi Huber Kono with the aim of arranging, cataloguing and recording the documents and materials related to Max Huber’s work.
Based at Novazzano, in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland, the Archive houses the sketches, studies and projects associated with Max Huber’s work in the fields of graphic design, publishing and staging, drawings, paintings and photographs. The cataloguing was curated by Chiara Mari.

The selection presented here includes some of the graphic designs created for Rinascente (6 posters, 1 wrapping paper and 1 catalogue) and 5 photographs portraying Huber and other important names in international design. It's also proposed a poster print proof dedicated to Aoi Huber Kono.

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Max Huber riceve il Premio Compasso d'Oro


Max Huber riceve il Premio Compasso d'Oro per la Plastica Stampata con disegni a cerchi, realizzata per l'azienda ita...

I fiori nella casa lR

Lora Lamm

Prova di stampa per manifesto.
Sul verso, dedica ad Aoi Huber Kono