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Piercarla Toscano Lanzani Racchelli grew up in an open-minded, intellectually stimulating family environment. She travelled to England and France during her studies, and her family closely associated with some leading figures in the Milanese cultural scene, including Gianni Colombo, Dadamaino, Mario Nigro, Carmelo Cappello and Maria Mulas.
In 1980, she joined the Rinascente Group as a designer of promotional areas, window dressings, boutiques and visual merchandising. She has a remarkable sensitivity for light and colour composition and studies.
In 1982, she graduated in architecture at the Milan Polytechnic with a dissertation on restoration and Carlo Perogalli as her supervisor with whom she shared her intention to develop other design themes. In 1987, in order to study more in-depth department store design, she moved to New York, where she partnered with Massimo Vignelli’s firm. In 1989, she visited Japan to study design.
As a partner of Studio Lanzani, she designed interiors for Rinascente, Dufrital, Apple Computer, Croff Centro Casa and Sport Specialist. With her husband Vinicio Racchelli, she designed the Rachelli Group’s image, points of sale and trade fair exhibitions.
She moved to Lugano with her husband and children, Leopoldo and Francesco, in 2002. There she focused on design and renovation of private residences for a few years.
The selection of works presented here covers the period of 1982-2002, and concerns the project designed by Architect Piercarla Toscano Lanzani Racchelli for Rinascente points of sale. The exhibition especially highlights photographs and drawings of window dressing projects for Rinascente Milan and Genoa, compartment fittings and furnishing systems for the various departments, designs for the new image of Croff Centro Casa chain stores, and plans for window dressings and Brums corner at Rinascente, Milan. The documents include 3 drawings, 72 photographs, 7 slides and 3 presentation albums of various projects.

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