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Salvatore Gregorietti was born in Palermo in 1941. He is said to be one of the major exponents of Italian graphic design. After attending the Liceo Artistico in Brera, Milan, in 1959 he moved to Zurich where he went to the Kunstgewerbeschule school of arts and crafts. He returned to Italy in 1961 and began working at the Massimo Vignelli studio in Milan.
In 1965 he became a partner of Unimark Internazional, a graphic design and communication studio, with Massimo Vignelli, Bob Noorda, Franco Mirenzi and Mario Boeri. He handled mainly graphic design related to corporate identity, publishing, packaging, institutional and commercial communications.
In 1964 he began work as a consultant for Rinascente’s advertising and communication office; he worked with Pier Giorgio Brovelli (commercial manager) and Adriana Botti Monti (art director), with photographers Aldo Ballo, Serge Libis, Ugo Mulas and Oliviero Toscani. A very strong bond developed between Gregorietti and Adriana Botti: together they blended the culture of image with architectural design, which led to the conception and production of very special communications.
His work has received important awards, including Art Directors Club awards for three years running. He has worked with major industries and institutions: Pirelli, Agip, Sanpaolo, Confindustria, Venice Biennale, Fondazione Feltrinelli, Benetton, Prenatal; in publishing: Sonzogno, Bompiani, Sylvestre Bonnard, Feltrinelli; for magazines: “Linus”, “Capital”, “Thema”, “Casa Vogue” and “Ottagono”, a design and architecture magazine for which he received the Compasso d’Oro Award in 1979. He taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara and in 1988 with Emilia Vassale wrote La forma della scrittura, a book that was reprinted by Sylvestre Bonnard in 2007. He lives and works in Milan.

The selection presented here documents the long collaboration between Gregorietti and Rinascente and includes mainly advertising catalogues produced in collaboration with Adriana Botti, newspaper notices and 70x100cm advertising posters for events and promotions at department stores.

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Natale Idea. lR

Progetto grafico: Salvatore Gregorietti
Stampa: G. Colombi S.p.A.

Manifesto per la Rinascente in tricromia su carta da affissione esterna

La Rinascente da oggi

Progetto grafico: Salvatore Gregorietti
1965 ca.

Avviso per quotidiani, la Rinascente Milano Piazza del Duomo

Viaggio di moda lR

Progetto grafico: Salvatore Gregorietti
Fotografia: Helmut Newton
Art director: Adriana Botti Monti

Catalogo pubblicitario.
Si riconoscono: Serge Libiszewski, Adriana Botti Monti, Salvatore Gregorietti e Oliviero...