Fondazione Fiera Milano - Archivio storico

Fondazione Fiera Milano was set up in January 2000 to support, promote and direct the development of the exhibition system and guide the transformation of Milan’s exposition system towards a structure that is increasingly modern and topical as well as competitive at world level. It performs non-profit functions of general interest, encourages, promotes and increases the organization of exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In support of the Fiera Milano SpA Group and companies in the exhibition system, Fondazione Fiera Milano makes available its Research Service, Academy and Historical Archive.
The Historical Archive in particular contains its legacy of documents produced by Ente Fiera Milano since 1920, when the first Trade Fair took place. The archive is divided into five sections: documents, iconography, audio and video, objects and museum.

The selection of documents available on the portal includes nine articles from the Fiera di Milano house organ (1921-1963) and five images of la Rinascente Pavilion at the Trade Fair of 1931. The documents can be downloaded in PDF format.

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L'esposizione italiana del 1881

Articolo in "Ripresa. Periodico tecnico-commerciale organo della Fiera Campionaria Internazionale di Milano", anno I,...

Benemerenze del commercio

Articolo in "Ripresa delle Fiere. Periodico tecnico-commerciale organo della Fiera Campionaria Internazionale di Mila...

Gianni Baldi

Ipnotizzano il pubblico servendosi di una matita

Articolo in "Fiera di Milano", anno VI, pp. 251-256