Archivio Saporetti Immagini d'Arte

Established by Ugo Saporetti in 1914, Saporetti Immagini d’Arte in Via Cusani boasts a long tradition in the area of art photography. A lover of art with painting experience (oil, charcoal and watercolour), he made use of his knowledge of photography acquired during World War I as a military photographer on surveillance aerostats. Unfortunately, the archive compiled in the first half of the century was destroyed during World War II bombing raids.
His father followed his grandfather by also specializing in art photography. He worked for major publishers and museums during the golden years of analogue photography in which photographic ability was associated with precise treatment of the materials (black and white and colour films, papers, developing). After him, his son Fabio, together with Roberto Mascaroni, continued to run the company: they also had thirty years’ experience in the world of art photography and were in contact with private collectors, museums, galleries, publishers, printers and art foundations. They handled the challenging passage from analogue to digital photography. In 2014 the Saporetti company celebrated 100 years in the sector. The archive ranges from glass plates of works by Manzù to negatives of works by Guttuso and Milan’s historic art galleries and artists. In recent decades it has been expanded with thousands of files of the works of art of the main museums, collectors and artists.

The selection presented here includes 16 photographs of sketches and preparatory drawings by Marcello Dudovich for work commissioned by la Rinascente. Some of them correspond to specific posters, others show a variety of female figures in poses, preparatory drawings that give a better understanding of the creative route taken by the artist and his work and particularly that created for la Rinascente.

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