Archivio Rosanna Monzini

Interior architect, famous for designing the homes of cultured bourgeoisie clients, Rosanna Monzini graduated from the Milan Polytechnic and opened a studio with Fulvio Raboni.

In 1970 she was summoned by Architect Carlo Pagani to partner la Rinascente and Croff Centro Casa. She designed fittings for their shop windows, impressive themed exhibitions and customised projects for clients who wanted to furnish their homes with furniture and accessories published in the catalogue. She was consultant for the home design sector of various branches of the department store.

She kept up with the latest trends by travelling abroad and visiting department stores in London, Paris, Scandinavia and the United States.
Rosanna Monzini enhanced la Rinascente with innovative ideas for fittings and consultations with clients. At themed exhibitions she displayed unusual items that were outside the exhibition theme, objects she had found during her travels, thus creating unusual combinations that endowed her proposals with modern flair. She studied solutions for fittings in the Home Design Department, touched visual merchandising and graphics, and partnered leading interior décor magazines for which she created photographic sets on the house and design theme.

Since 1984 Rosanna Monzini has focused on private clients for whom she designs city homes, holiday homes and historical residences. From 1994 she has collaborated with her son Giuseppe Raboni in their associated firm.

The selection presented on the portal includes miscellaneous material, such as la Rinascente catalogues, photographs of interiors designed for promotional events (such as Linen Sales and the 1971 Antiques Exhibition), hand-coloured technical drawings of interior fittings and displays dedicated to specific themes, such as the school, sea and Christmas.

The selection also includes drawings on tracing papers with furnishing proposals made in partnership with la Rinascente and Croff Centro Casa, tracing papers of projects dedicated to events (Les Campagnard 1977, Linen Sales 1976-1977, School 1976-1977), private correspondence and documents (folder with furnishing consultations and projects for clients, personal notes, minutes of meetings and papers with corporate communications), ready-made folders with ideas and suggestions for the presentation of new fittings.

Monzini Archive documents provide evidence of intensive and precise research and preliminary updates to the creation of innovative and modern fittings.

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