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Ettore Mariani was born in Milan in 1949. After earning his diploma in advertising graphic arts, he joined the Rinascente-Upim group in the image development sector. In this position he worked with Art Director Robert Berrevoets in creating elaborate graphic artwork and packaging for Upim. The meeting with Berrevoets proved to have a fundamental impact on his graphic and technical training.
Since 1970 he has been collaborating with Art Director Adriana Botti Monti in the Rinascente Advertising Office. This creative context and high level of professionalism contributed to Ettore Mariani’s extraordinary sense of aesthetics and his cultural baggage. In 1972, he came into contact with the world of advertising: he worked on behalf of the Rinascente in the Intermarco Farner agency, where he learnt the strict nature of advertising criteria as well as communication and marketing logics. Since 1973 he has worked in the Rinascente display office, coordinated by Giancarlo Ortelli, who was charged with the graphic design for the creation of shop windows, displays, and communication within the retail stores.
From 1974 to 1983 he took on the role of art director for the coordination of events and promotions for the retail outlets, developing a natural knack for both graphic and photo-graphic imagery. Indeed, he always contributed to the creation of the concept and images in relation to market demands.
From 1984 until 2006, he was responsible for coordinating the image of the Upim retail stores and the packaging.
Ettore Mariani’s works have been published in various Italian and international magazines and annual sector publications.
He has won awards and was elected a member of the Inspiration Academy in New York (1980) for pertinent works. He also won the Puntina Aiap 1985 Award for the show sector.

The selection of works proposed here includes various genres of graphic material: post-ers, playbills, modular designs for the creation of indoor and outdoor displays, advertising catalogues.
The variety of this material stands witness to the consolidated and long lasting collaboration between Mariani and the Rinascente. An all around coordination of work: not only the development of graphic artwork, but also the creation of original projects for indoor and outdoor displays and snapshots for the development of images linked to exhibitions and promotional events.

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Il nuovo autunno. lR

Progetto grafico e fotografia: Ettore Mariani

Serie coordinata di locandine moda donna, uomo, giovani

Il rigattiere al reparto arredamento. lR

Progetto grafico: Ettore Mariani
Illustrazione: Michel Fuzellier

la Rinascente Milano, Piazza del Duomo


Archivio Ettore Mariani

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