Archivio Storico Civico e Biblioteca Trivulziana

The Civic Archive of Milan holds all records of the Municipality dating from 1385 to 1927 as well as numerous ecclesiastical and private archives. The library connected to the Archives, specialised in local history and literature, comprises manuscripts dating from the eighth century onwards as well as antique and modern books, periodicals, microfilms, photographs, posters, prints and maps.

The Trivulziana Library sprang from the Trivulzio family’s zeal for collecting books and was acquired by the Municipality in 1935. The collection centres on history and literature, particularly with reference to Humanism and the Renaissance period.

The selection of files available online, relating to the years 1872-1920, includes a variety of architectural drawings of the la Rinascente building in Piazza Duomo, Milan taken from the “Ornato Fabbriche” and “Town Planning Scheme” archives.

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Giovanni Giachi

[Ricostruzione del Palazzo Bocconi "La Rinascente": variante pianta del terzo piano]

[1919 - 1920]

Archivio Storico Civico e Biblioteca Trivulziana (Ornato Fabbriche, II serie, cart. 732, PG 28352-1921, 216)

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