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Tullio Farabola (Milan, 1920-1983) was one of the most well-known photojournalists after WW2. He got involved in photojournalism at the end of WW2 and documented the last events of the war, the arrival of Allied Forces and partisans in Milan on 25 April 1945 as well as the first steps of the new Italian State, the reconstruction period and the economic miracle of the 60s. Alongside his work as a photo reporter, Farabola worked extensively in his studio creating magazine covers for some of the most popular weeklies of those years, record covers as well as black and white portraits of personages from the world of the arts and entertainment.

The archive was set up at the beginning of the 50s to organize and manage unsold photographs. The archive was supplemented from 1967 to 1990 thanks to considerable acquisition carried out by Alberto Crivelli, director of the agency after Tullio Farabola’s death, so as to meet the increasing market demand.

The selection of files available from online, relating to the years 1917-1980 approx., comprises 400 images that were chosen to tell the story of la Rinascente through the faces and the events that made its history paying particular attention to less known aspects such as the afternoon events for kids and the backstage images taken at fashion shows.

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