Archivio la Rinascente

la Rinascente historical archive was almost completely wiped out as a result of various historic events such as the fire of 1918, the bombing of 1943, and the changes in ownership.

However, a valuable archive of posters still exists and includes graphical works carried out in mixed media and printed on canvas and paper. This small but precious archive is proof of how elegance and good taste were strongly associated with the la Rinascente brand, also thanks to the image of the great department store illustrated, for forty years, from the sinuous and evocative posters of Marcello Dudovich, which are still a model for the Liberty advertising image today. The majority of the posters are the work of Marcello Dudovich; the rest are by Mario Bazzi, Gino Boccasile, Leonetto Cappiello, Aldo Mazza, Walter Resentera, Nanni Schipani and Renato Vernizzi.
The archive also conserves a series of sketches by Mario Rossello for the sculpture work on the facade of la Rinascente in via S. Radegonda dating to 1993, and the contemporary canvases of artist Tvboy, produced for la Rinascente in 2010 and 2015.

There is also a significant selection of communications documents which includes product and event catalogues, display projects, illustrations for advertising campaigns, press kits and invitations from 1990 to 2005.

Also conserved are the typewritten booklet Gli obiettivi e le politiche commerciali dei grandi magazzini lR (The commercial and political goals of the lR department stores), January 1980, and the catalogue of the I Mezzari, tra oriente e occidente (Mezzari, between East and West) exhibition, Sagep Editrice, Milan 1988.

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Gli obiettivi e le politiche commerciali dei Grandi Magazzini lR

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