Camera di Commercio di Milano

The historical archive of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan holds records dating from 1299 to 1960 and is divided into different sections: “Cimeli archive” (1299-1786), “pre-unification archive” (1786-1860), “post-unification archive” (1861-1920) and “modern archive” (1921-1960). The registry archive from 1960 onwards includes the records from the “Companies Registry” and “the Commercial Registry of Court of Milan”.

The selection of files available online, relating to the years 1853-1965 come from the historical archive Volume 1 of the “Companies Registry” and Volume 1 of the “Court Proceedings” in the Records Archive. The files can be downloaded in PDF format.

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[Notifica Mandato al Sig. Giuseppe Berruti, nominato Procuratore dal Sig. Ettore Bocconi, già rappresentante esclusivo della Ditta Fratelli Bocconi]


Archivio Storico della Camera di Commercio Milano (Sezione Post-Unitaria, scatola 434)

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