House organ

Over the years, la Rinascente has published a variety of house organs: “La Rinascente. Bollettino interno” (from 1920), "Echi de la Rinascente" (from 1929), “La famiglia Rinascente-Upim” (from 1935), “Cronache della Rinascente-Upim” (1947-1972) and “Notiziario del centro di documentazione” (from 1958).

The section dedicated to the in-house publications aims to give users access to texts and images that constitute a source of historical documentation of the utmost importance. In fact, the aim of this body is to valorise the collections of house organs of la Rinascente, documenting the relationship between the editorial content and the graphic-visual presentation.

During the years of its rapid industrial development, Italy experienced a proliferation in the production of house organs that is of great interest. This can be noted not only through the most celebrated examples, such as the “Pirelli” or “Civiltà delle Macchine” magazines, but also thanks to less known periodicals promoted by companies of various sizes and in most cases operating in some of the most strategic sectors of the Made in Italy. In this context, house organs and company periodicals are a fundamental tool of mediation between the business world and artistic production on a journey that starts off in the 1930s and includes more recent examples.

The selection of documents available on the web portal includes 101 issues preserved at the National Braidense Library and the Sormani Central Public Library of Milan. The files can be downloaded in PDF format.